Ah the serenity, in rural Norfolk

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Last week we spent 4 nights in Norfolk. Our main motivation in going there was to visit Norwich. My little brother Wesley and his girlfriend Stine were living there while Stine studied, so we were interested to see what the place they called home was like. And also to try the famed Hog roast rolls that both Wesley and my mum have been going on about ever since they were there.

We got a sweet little airbnb on a beautiful farm in the Norfolk countryside. This was definitely the best airbnb we have stayed in yet, it was a really nice little two storey cottage with plenty of space for us, a backyard, nestled amongst the farm with horses in the field next to us and chickens roaming the large drive.

We visited Norwich on the first full day we had, and roamed about the city, visiting the castle and the markets. We couldn’t miss lunch from Henry’s Hog Roast, and it was almost as delicious as it was made out to be (I say almost, because it is practically impossible to live up to the amount of hype they were given). They were really good though. Tender juicy pork with plenty of stuffing and apple sauce, topped with crisp crackling on a soft roll👌. Thanks for the recommendation Wes. I mentioned Wesley’s name to Henry, and although he wasn’t quite as notorious as he normally is, the guy still acknowledged him as ‘oh, that guy that was here a lot? Didn’t he get kicked out of the country?’ Unfortunately the casual name drop didn’t get us any extra crackling, so what a waste of time.

We visited the Norwich cathedral as well, sort of. We headed through the doors, and while we were deliberating whether to go in or not, Elena was neatly drawn in to a playgroup that was just starting, so that’s where we spent a very enjoyable hour. I love watching Elena interact with other kids. She is really shy at first, but loves other girls (especially older ones). She had a great conversation with a little girl about her age over play dough:

Elena: “You like Paw Patrol?”

Girl: “Yes”

Elena: “My like Sigh (Skye) and Zuma. You like Zuma?”

We were happy to see that although she hasn’t had much interaction with other kids in the last two months, Elena is still developing okay socially! 

Our next few days in Norfolk were very quiet. I have to admit that it’s not the most ‘happening’ area. We enjoyed a couple of playgrounds, feeding the ducks by the lake, and visits to cafes. We had a really lovely dinner at an Italian restaurant on our last night there, in a lovely pub with a very friendly atmosphere.

Elena got her first ever hair cut! She was so serious the whole time because we told her she had to sit really still. It was pretty cute but also a massive waste of money – the hairdresser cut about 1mm off (not that there is much to work with). Elena’s hair was getting pretty scruffy though so we thought it needed a bit of a trim, and hopefully it will grow a bit quicker now.

We ended our week with a one night house sit in a place called Kempston. We wouldn’t recommend signing up for such a short house sit, it was quite an effort to get there for such a short time and made for a bit of a less flexible calendar, but the couple were quite grateful to us. We had lined it up ages ago when we first set up our profile, and didn’t realise we would get quite so many sits. We did enjoy the night, we were left well set up with wine and chocolate, and we played monopoly – my first board game in a very long time! The area wasn’t very nice though, we went to the playground on Saturday afternoon and it was overrun by youths dropping f-bombs and bashing up trolleys. Pete thought I was quite the crotchety grandma when I joked (maybe) about calling the police on the trolley bashers.

Anyway, we were pretty glad to leave and get to our next destination – Snowdonia National Park! Our current location is a pretty town called Blaenau Ffestiniog and we can’t wait to tell you all about it!



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  1. Donald Richardson
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    Your blogs make places come alive!

  2. Anne and phil
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    You write so beautifully! Love reading your blog and watching the kids grow up😍

  3. burtoninstituteofed
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    For something more fa rural, the Broads National Park, Norfolk coast and sweeping countryside are all a short car journey away.

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