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After leaving our Switzerland house sit, we had one week until our next house sit in the centre of France, and it was pretty much a direct line west to get there. So we booked an Airbnb for a week right in the middle of the two, in a city called Clermont Ferrand, in the Auvergne area of France.

The Place de Jaude was really pretty with fountains everywhere.

It was a bit of a filler week, and I’m not going to lie, we actually went to the playground 5 out of the 6 days we were there. We spent a lot of time at the beautiful Jardin Lecoq, which has a lovely pond, stunning gardens, and most importantly, 2 playgrounds perfect for small children. Sometimes you’ve just gotta have these weeks to just take it easy, so we spent A LOT of time here. We would typically spend the morning at the playground, have a picnic, go and feed the ducks our scraps, and head back to play at home. It also gave Pete a chance to catch up on some uni work, and for each of us to have a bit of alone time.

One day we did venture a bit farther afield – the Auvergne is known for being a volcanic region, so we ventured up to the top of the Puy de Dome for some great views of Clermont and the surrounding areas. It was a sweaty and tiring ascent (when you are carrying children) but the top was fairly chilly. There was an ancient temple of Mercury at the top, ruins from long long ago, as well as heaps of paragliders to keep us all interested – Elena and Kilian thought it was hilarious watching them jump off the cliff as their parachutes inflated.

It was a really good week to just chill out and relax a bit. It was nice staying close to the city so we were able to just step out of the house and walk everywhere (….everywhere meaning the gardens). We are getting a bit tired of driving so it was a good break. Our next stop was a couple of hours west-ish to rural Lubersac, where we are now.

We went to the Sunday markets and people just kept plying Kilian with toys. This is his haul (freeee).

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    You would enjoy a more relaxing time in Clermont Ferrand.

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