Back to Australia – Port Douglas and a very special wedding

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We left Norway with very mixed feelings – sadness, as the European part of our trip had come to an end, mild trepidation at the thought of the 40+ hours of travel ahead of us, anticipation for the hot long summer to come, and excitement for the wedding of two of our good friends.

We had thought about this wedding for a long time, trying to decide how we could work it into our plans and if it was going to be possible to come back for it, and we decided a couple of months ago that we really wanted to share this special memory with our friends. I guess you know you care about someone if you are willing to travel across the other side of the world for them 😉

The wedding was great. Louise looked absolutely beautiful, Barton was very handsome and we loved seeing the two of them join together in marriage. The setting for the wedding was stunning, at St Mary’s by the Sea and we couldn’t have been more happy for our two friends making this great commitment. Louise and Barton, we hope and pray that you will spend your whole life loving and serving each other well.

The rest of our week in Port Douglas was really relaxed. We spent a lot of time at the beach, and in the pool, and we loved collecting mangoes that were just dropping from the trees everywhere. It was nice to be back in a familiar place where you just understand everything – the language, the etiquette, the culture. It was pretty weird being back in Australia though, after so long away. We were shocked at the prices of things – has Australia always been so expensive? It’s amazing how much your perspective and expectations can change after being away so long.

Pete’s mum, Janette came up for the weekend which was awesome. We loved spending time wandering around Port Douglas with her, at the beach and in the town. Elena and Kilian had a great day with their Nan while Pete and I did a cruise on the Great Barrier Reef. This was my first time seeing the Reef and it was really cool snorkelling and seeing all the amazing coral and multi-coloured fish. This was a bit of a bucket list item for me so super glad I got the chance – thanks Janette for making it possible!

It was fun being back in Australia for a little while, and we are really looking forward to getting home and settling in. We were pretty sad not to be able to make it back to Sydney/Wollongong but it’s not too long now till are home for good.

Now bring on Bali and South-East Asia!

P.S. In case you were wondering – our plans for the next two or so months:

Bali – 3 weeks split between Sanur and Ubud (writing this post from Sanur right now!)

Thailand – 2 weeks in Chiang Mai, 2 weeks in Phuket (also super excited to see my Mum, Dad, Uncle & Aunt there)

Malaysia – 3 weeks split between Penang and Kuala Lumpur

Elena and I ripping it up on the dance floor


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